Confessions of a Reading Mom

A note came home from the teacher yesterday.  It said my son was reading in class instead of doing research.  I was stunned.  He was reading?  Reading?  Yes!  At first I didn’t understand that the teacher meant this to be a bad thing.  That this was a “I’m sending a note home to your mother” note.  After all, I had written her emails, set up meetings, spoken to her in the hallway . . . all to discuss possible tactics to lure him into a book.  I thought she meant it as a note of success!  

Apparently not.

The truth is my son had to explain to me that this was a reprimand.  I totally didn’t get it.  The note was in his homework folder.  I thought his homework was to do the research since he hadn't done it in class and he could forgo the usual homework of reading for 20 minutes.  

But no.

I am a rule follower.  Always have been.  But NOT ‘always will be.’  The older I get, the more I realize that the rules, though intended to guide and order, also confine.  Sometimes rules are needlessly self-imposed.  There’s a whole other world out there if you step outside them.  I’m a little late to the game in realizing this.  For my son, that world includes a book called Just Annoying.  It was a book I’d picked out for him . . . hoping . . . fingers crossed . . . that it might capture his interest.  (The author has another book titled The Day My Butt Went Psycho.  And I will get it if there’s a chance it can open my son’s heart to reading.) 

I’m not going to tell my son to break the rules.  I’m not that kind of mom.  But right or wrong, I said, clearly and concisely, eye to eye: I’m not mad about this.  

Now go out there and read!