A short love story for the Spring Fling Blog Hop

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And now to the story...

A Short Tale of an Interrupted Romance

Once upon a time, Spring stepped gently into a frozen world and whispered into the sleepy ears of hibernating life. She brought with her the tender rays of the sun’s warmth to entice green leaves and sweet song birds to dwell once more on the trees. But bitter Winter, determined to hold on to his reign, often pushed aside her gentle touch, and cold descended time and again over the newly blossoming world. Yet Spring persevered with quiet strength, brushing Winter away whenever he tried to prevail. Life rejoiced, sparkling under the soft touch of her rays. 

When Summer noticed the blossoming world, a jealous burn grew in her heart. Refusing to let Spring’s soft beauty outshine her, she cast her hot, bright light upon the newly blooming life. While the world’s gaze was captivated by Summer’s radiance, Spring slipped away. 

With her tender rays of sunshine flowing behind her, she dashed back to her lover’s arms. Fall, a charming young man, greeted his love with a kiss to soothe away the hurt of Summer’s burn. His cool lips were just right for Spring. Sharing smiles and soft touches, the two reunited, letting the breeze carry away the sorrow of their parting. 

In each moment they had together, Spring and Fall lived happily.

The End


Spring is such a gentle time of year, yet how often do we get frustrated with her for not arriving soon enough, for not keeping winter’s chill off our backs for good? Now that you know her tale, perhaps you’ll find it easier to bask in what she can offer.  

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