Col. Vincent Rallis consents to an interview

If you've read Syphon's Song, then you know that Vincent Rallis is the book's hero. He's the strong, silent type. No doubt about that. Ever since he came into his mage power in his early teens, he's been forced to separate himself from the rest of his family and friends. His power is so strong he has a hard time tolerating other mages' energy. But that all changes when he finds Bronte, a syphon mage. She syphons away enough of his power that he's able to relax, at least occasionally. 

Apparently Bronte's had more of an affect than I anticipated, judging by the interview with author Rebekah R. Ganiere. I can hardly believe he consented to being interviewed by a Non-mage in the first place, much less the things he tells her. 

See for yourself. You can find the interview here: Vampires & Werewolves & Zombies

Let me know what you think. 

Happy reading. And may you always syphon the good vibes of life.