Such sweet sorrow

I just wrote the draft of the Acknowledgements for Enchanter’s Echo. This is a magic moment for me. I’ve been thinking about writing this part of the book for months. It’s a chance to say thank you to all those who helped the book come out of my head and into this world.

Writing the Acknowledgements is a fleeting pleasure though.

It’s like Christmas…for about twenty minutes…about as long as it took me to write the Acknowledgements’ first draft. After those twenty minutes, then it’s like the day after Christmas. It’s all over. All that work. All that anticipation of getting to the end. It’s here.

The End.

I do have one last round of content edits waiting for me, but the real work of creating the story is done. From the first draft, to the second, third, and fourth, and then massive first and second edits with my (fabulous) editor…done.

I’m going to have to let go of Edmund and Aurora.

I’ve spent more time with these characters in the last eight months than I have with my (real) friends. I’ve been with Edmund and Aurora more hours than I’ve been with my mom or my sister, though not more than I’ve been with my kids.

I know how these two characters think, what they feel, their likes and dislikes. I know how to make them laugh, and I know how to make them cry. I've even been to their house!

I’m going to miss them.

I remember when I started this book, thinking how I’d never love Edmund and Aurora as much as I love Bronte and Vincent, the main characters in Syphon’s Song.

I was wrong.

As I’ve crept into book three, I’ve been worried that I’ll never love Gregor and Marlowe as much as I love Edmund and Aurora.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be wrong about that too.

I’ll let you know how it goes.