A spontaneous move

Sometimes you've got to go with the flow. I should know by now that when it comes to technology I need to quit resisting and just adapt. In that Darwinian spirit, I've finally moved my site to Squarespace 6 which might not mean anything to you. You probably didn't know I was holding onto my Squarespace 5 site by the tips of my very confused fingers. Today I lost my grip. I landed here among a plethora of handsome men.  

Yes, that's right. Handsome men. They originally populated this template right and left, page after page.

You might be wondering where they are. I deleted them and now I, too, am wondering where they are. I'm pretty sure they are trapped in the ether. I have no idea how to retrieve them, so I shall do what I always do when invisible men are trapped. I shall fish a heroine out of my mind and send her out to the rescue. I'll let you know how it goes.