Book it to the hen house

Stranded on a desert island, I’d want books.  Well, first I’d want water but after that books.  Okay -- water, food, shelter, and then books.  Without books, I think I’d end up lost in made-up stories swimming through my solitary but well-entertained mind.  (Note to self: when stranded on a desert island and sans books, scribble stories in the sand to prevent insanity.)    

 If you can relate to any of this (well, maybe not the scribbling sandy stories part), check out The Little Read Hens on Facebook and here.  We’re book lovers, and every Wednesday we chat about books on Facebook.  Our inaugural discussion is The List.  You know that list of your five favorite people, dead or alive, that you’d like to invite to dinner?  We’re taking a slightly different approach.  We’re talking about fictional characters who, if they knocked on our doors, we’d lead them to the boudoir instead of the dining room.  

So come join us in the hen house on Wednesday and share your list of favorite leading men . . .  whether they’re charmingly bespectacled intellectuals, fanged night dwellers, or anything in between.

Hope to see you there.