Midnight Joyride

I got a new car today.  It's sitting in the garage.  Shiny, black, crisp, and clean.  Would it be really wrong of me to slip out while husband and kids are sleeping and take her for a drive?  

Maybe not really wrong, just a little wrong?  But the longer I sit here, the more tired I'm getting, not to mention I'd feel so guilty and worried someone would need me that I'd be too nervous to enjoy the thrill.  Probably best to just dream about turning up the music as loud as I wanted, listening to whatever I choose, or telling her to adjust the temperature when I get too hot or cold.  

She talks, listens, and obeys.  I don't speak a lot of her language yet, but she has no problem understanding what little I do know.  And as soon as I find a break in the Christmas craziness, I'll study up.  In the meantime, I have to figure out how to get out of the lunch plans for tomorrow.  A trip to Sonic.  My son has been so curious to try it out.  That's not quite the joyride that I think my crisp, clean car needs.  We might have to just dream about that too.