Passion’s Potion, Mayflower Mages #4

Not all treasures can be locked away…

Thea Redding has finally overcome the scandal dogging her life. Her new potions shop is a success. Life is perfect. Until a handsome dragon-rider mage accuses her of poisoning his sister…Thea’s ex-best friend, the woman who ruined her reputation years ago.

But Thea was never interested in revenge. Or poisons. Or dragon-riders. They’re a paranoid bunch, intent on protecting their infamous treasures. Woe to those who get swooped up by one.

Nothing will stop Marcus Tavis from getting an antidote for the poison that’s destroying his sister. He thought he’d captured the culprit. But Thea is not what he expected. In fact, she may be his only hope for curing his sister. Too bad they got off on the wrong foot. Fortunately, dragon-riders are born to charm. It’s one way his type has procured their treasures for millennia, and Thea may be his greatest treasure ever. But she’s in danger. Someone is blackmailing her to conjure an impossible potion. She needs Marcus’s protection. Can he charm her into trusting him…and taking a chance on love?

Passion’s Potion can be read as a stand-alone romance.


sorcerer’s spin, mayflower mages #3

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The spectacles perched on sorceress Mara Rand’s nose declare her imperfect.

 Mage society prizes perfection.

Though Mara bucks that expectation, it’s the mission of her company, Blue Light Mills, to help other mages who want to hide their deficiencies. She spins threads and weaves clothes embedded with spells that conceal their weaknesses. Her most powerful creation, a dress spun with the silk of the fairy spider, lands her in the dungeon, accused of harboring the ancient fairy spinning wheel prophesied to unravel the Republic. When a search of her factory proves fruitless, she’s tasked with a new mission: find the spinning wheel or die.

 As she travels on her quest, she is guarded by Gregor Whitman, an ex-army captain with powers and secrets of his own…ones that could shatter the tentative trust they build between them and send Mara to the gallows of a fairy’s prophecy.


Enchanter's Echo, Mayflower Mages #2

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Enchanter and Destroyer play a game of hearts too dangerous to lose.

Aurora Firenze lives a quiet life hiding in a junkyard. Her repair shop is the last hope for gadgets and gizmos before they get tossed onto the trash towers. Fortunately, Aurora can fix almost anything, including mages, though repairing people with metal enchantments is highly illegal. 

Edmund Rallis, heir to the Rallis senate seat, has spent months hunting down his errant enchantress. He’ll play every game he knows to win her back and entice her to share the secrets she hides. But he’s inadvertently put her on the frontlines of a new game, one with an opponent who’s determined to destroy Rallis Territory and drive the Republic toward war. If the new enemy isn’t stopped in time, Edmund will lose his enchantress again—and this time there won’t be another chance.


Syphon's Song, Mayflower Mage #1


Legends say a syphon can drain a mage dry. He'll brave the danger. Will she?

Someone’s playing pranks. The body of the late Casteel patriarch has been stolen and gifted to the family’s enemy, the powerful Rallises. As far as Bronte Casteel is concerned, they can keep it. She hasn’t spoken to her family in thirteen years, not since they exiled her from society for her lack of mage power. But she’s a syphon mage, able to drain another mage’s power. Syphons’ destinies are always the same: death by fiery stake. She hides her secret by living among the Nons--powerless humans and the lowest class in the Republic. When her family orders her to go plead for the body’s return, she comes face to face with the one man who knows her secret.

Colonel Vincent Rallis isn’t letting his syphon get away this time. Not when she’s under suspicion of body-napping and aiding anti-mage terrorists. He’ll prove her innocence whether she wants him to or not, and then convince her they belong together…forever.

Vincent’s help comes with a steep price: Bronte must reveal her power. The inevitable ensuing witch-hunt and trial would be bad enough, but even a tough girl might buckle if her prosecutors are her own parents.

CONTENT WARNING: Hot, steamy nights with the colonel’s magic touch

A Lyrical Press Paranormal Romance